SAZ Certified Quality Products.

Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) Certified for quality concrete products, bricks, blocks and pavers

Our Business

We manufacture high quality blocks,  bricks and pavers and we are certified by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe. Our customer segments include individuals, corporates, real estate, government, schools, fuel sector, banks etc

VakaConcrete was incorporated in 2012 and we are situated at 1284 Delport Road, Sunway City Industrial Park, Harare and in Gweru we are situated at Number 8321, Zambezi Industrial Park. We believe in working with upstream and downstream companies in the construction sector to create employment and add value to our shareholders.

Directions to our plant in Harare

+263 24 2437047-8

+263773 580 374 Whatsapp

1284 Delport Road,

Sunway City Industrial Park,

Harare, Zimbabwe

Vaka concrete bricks and pavers and driveway/pavement bricks product application

Directions to our plant in Gweru

Vaka Concrete Gweru brick, block and pavers manufacturing branch map

+263775584546 Whatsapp

Number 8321

Zambezi Industrial Park.

Gweru, Zimbabwe.