About Vaka Concrete

Our Company

Vaka Concrete (Private) Limited is a manufacturer of concrete build products including concrete blocks, stock concrete bricks, domestic and industrial interlocking pavers. The company commenced operations in 2013 and has since made significant inroads in a market previous dominated by clay products. Our strength lies in our high quality yet affordable products, abundant production capacity capable of supplying large scale construction projects and highly skilled, competent and dedicated technical and strategic leadership teams. The company is also pursuing strong supply and downstream industry linkages that are set to significantly increase the use of cement and promote environmental friendly processes in construction.

Our Key Competitive features

  • Use state of the art technology to manufacture products of unmatched quality.
  • High volume production output of 110,000 bricks per 9-hr shift (Harare plant) and 25,000 bricks per 9-hr shift (Gweru plant).
  • The output can be easily doubled by adding another shift in order to meet demand.
  • The high volume and high automation allows the company to produce at lower units costs.
  • Highly competent and professional leadership at strategic level through a dedicated Board; Highly experienced, skilled and committed management team with more than 30 years technical experience having successfully run similar projects in Zimbabwe.
  • Proximity to key raw materials.

Our Mission

To manufacture high quality but affordable concrete building products for individuals, home builders, construction industry and housing development.

Our Values

  • Our people are our number one asset.
  • We are committed to creating value for our customers.
  • We encourage teamwork.
  • We believe in enduring and ethical relationships.
  • We believe in constant learning and innovation.
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