Interlocking pavers

Most commonly known as pavement bricks or driveway bricks, pavers are a great way to do the exterior flooring for your property. These are applicable from pathways, walkways, driveways, pool areas, outdoor fire areas, garden area etc. This is one great product that buyers can uses on their own without expert knowledge, although it is most recommended to hire an expert for that professional and beautiful touch. There usually stands a question as to getting good quality pavers in Zimbabwe. Well, there is a great range of pavers available in a variety of shapes such as plain, holland or interlocking pavers; styles and sizes to choose from. These can be applicable for various individual tastes, preferences, requirements and desires as well as different projects such as school pavements, shopping malls, car parking lots, home pathways and driveways etc.

Interlocking pavers

These are used in outdoor pavement applications such as pool areas, garden areas, pathways, walkways and driveways. These are available as domestic interlocking pavers as well as industrial interlocking pavers. These have various shapes from simple zigzag ones to complex shapes and are widely used in both residential, industrial and commercial areas for floors that typically endure high foot traffic such as shopping mall walkways, home or school or business premise driveways etc. Good quality paving that interlock are used over a compacted stone sub-base and a level bed of sand most commonly pit sand. These have a great appearance and stylish design and are the perfect outdoor flooring solution for the stylish home owners.

Application of these pavers is quite easy and instead of joining the pavers by pouring grout in between the joints such as in tiled floors, particles of sand are spread over the pavers and are packed down. The pouring of the sand over the pavers stabilises the interlocking pavers and at the same time allowing flexibility and movement to occur. This results in a floor that is of a good quality, strong, durable and does not crack or break easily as it is able to absorb stresses and contracting and expansions during temperature changes.

Holland paversHolland pavers

Pavers can also be available in plain and simple designs such as the holland pavers. These have a simple brick type of shape and are easier to install as compared to the interlocking ones. These are also widely used in both residential and commercial areas as well as for high foot traffic areas, walkways, home or business premise driveways etc. Pavers present a good flooring solution for outside areas such as pavements and driveways because of their rough and porous texture. This give them a non slip character and thus making them an ideal surface to have around water features such as a pool or pond or any other slippery surrounding. Choosing pavers that are well coloured should be carefully considered. Some pavement material usually fades after a few days and is not able to endure the high foot traffic. Getting pavers that are coloured with non synthetic fibres guarantees a longer lasting colour for the pavers. Getting genuine pavers manufactured by genuine paver manufacturing companies in Zimbabwe produce a richer, long-lasting colour that will not fade unlike most imitations. The most popular colors available are black, red, gray and amber.

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