Vaka Concrete Technology

VakaConcrete invested in the latest state of the art concrete manufacturing plants. The Harare plant has a maximum capacity to produce 110 000 bricks per 9 hour shift while the Gweru plant has a maximum capacity to produce 25 000 bricks per 9 hour shift. The plants are highly automated and use the latest Eirich mixing technology which ensures consistent product quality.
our technology in the manufacturing of quality concrete products
our technology in the manufacturing of quality concrete products
our technology in the manufacturing of quality concrete products

Why Concrete

Durability Concrete products strengthen with age and last forever, creating a sustainable structure.
Wear and slip resistant Do not compromise original style, beauty, and quality of structure. Provide a good grip.
Reliable dimensional integrity Can be made in a wide variety of shapes and colours and maintain original specifications.
Greater variety of forms, sizes, textures and colours Allows architects, engineers and builders to combine them to achieve spectacular aesthetic effects with significantly lower costs than other building products.
Bondability Concrete bricks bond extremely well with cement giving strength to the superstructure of the building.
High Strength Industrial and domestic pavers achieve strengths of over 25MPa and 20MPa respectively in the first 28 days. Common bricks achieve strength of at least 12MPa with 28 days.
Low Maintenance Structures have negligible routine maintenance. The use of synthetic non-fading oxides maintains the same colour for a long time.
Thermal Performance Have good thermal properties especially when products are hollow.
Acoustic Performance Reduces external sound such as aircraft and road traffic noise and insulation is enhanced when building in cavity brick.
Green Revolution friendly (Being explored) Is environmentally friendly as mine dumps waste can be used as aggregates for concrete products.No harmful emissions into the atmosphere during the production process.
Fire Resistance Improved survival chances of a home exposed to fire.
Wide variety of applications Products have a wide variety of applications both domestic and industrial. Concrete pavers have a wide application in residential and commercial areas, while heavy duty pavers are ideal for roundabouts, traffic intersections areas and mine premises.
Product structural integrity  Concrete bricks have defined sharp edges which do not break and are excellent for jointing.
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