Vaka Concrete has launched a nationwide promotion offering a chance to get five (5) bags of cement for every 10 000 bricks bought at discounted prices. In addition, it’ll be holding weekly draws on its social media platforms.

The ‘Summer Hot Deals’ campaign will offer consumers discounted prices on selected products; common cement bricks now cost 0.13 cents from 0.14 cents, and coloured/face bricks now cost 0.16 cents from 0.18 cents. This campaign is countrywide for a limited time only.

Competition Highlights

  • 1st November 2021 – Promotion Starts.
  • Every Week – Announcement of weekly draw winners.
  • 31st November 2022 – Promotion ends.

Vaka Concrete’s Head of Operations, Marshall Gwandira said: “We’re excited to be launching this promotion as it allows our customers to save money when they purchase bricks from us at discounted prices and they’ll also get a bonus of five (5) cement bags for every 10 000 bricks bought. The year 2021 has been tough and this promotion will put a smile on their faces.”

“We aim to continue supporting the construction industry through being sensitive to the needs of our customers especially in these unprecedented times, we’re confident the promotion paired with the packaging will do just that,” he added

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